What readers have to say....

"Just done with your book...u have a good command over ur language..also ,u've understood the psychology of chd teenagers realy well.. a great start."
                                                                            - Raisa Gupta, age 19

" No really!,it's just your first book n i'm a big fan already! i mean the book is AWESOME! i could relate with all 4 main characters.Especially Boza. N the poem she(you) wrote -E.P.I.C! Too Good!. Your book is REALLY REALLY very close to my heart"
                                                                                                  - Nupur, age 18
"While we were busy checking out our CATE results, @Sumrit Shahi wrote a la Chetan Bhagat. Only, I guess he is much better!"
                                                                             -Anudrutta,D.U student
age 20     

"ok.so i finally did read "JUST FRIENDS"in a night itself.was so captivating.amazing.i L.O.V.E.D.each and every part of it.i did.big wala congratulations!!!! "
                                                                               -Abhishek,age 17
"hey sumrit... ur book is just too good.. have already read it twice..:)
Well done..:) "                                                                       -Ankita Suri, CCO 
                                                                                            Complete Business Sol,Chd